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It is strongly recommended that you read frequently asked questions (FAQ) before you call us to place order. This is because different countries operate on different rules and it is therefore crucial that you understand industry rules of Kuala Lumpur Escort in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Q1) Why should you save our number on your phone?

Sex is just a phone call away. When you save our number on your phone make sure it is anonymous so that it avoids detection with your spouse. Don’t worry we will know how to handle your spouse when she calls.

Q2) Is it safe to engage escort service in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia?

Malaysia escort service is the safest and most discreet way to entertain yourself, your clients and your friends. This is because you choose your own venue hence safety is assured. All hotels in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia allow escorts into their rooms. For most hotels in Kuala Lumpur we will send the girls directly to your room while certain hotels require you to come down to pick up your guest.

Q3) What is the coverage area for our escort service?

Malaysia Escort delivers escorts to all hotels and residences in the Malaysia and Kaula Lampur.

Q4) How to arrange an escort?

Give us a call during our operation hours. Tell us what you want, for how many hours and where you want us to deliver the girls. Advance reservation is not required as we deliver immediately.

Q5) How to arrange services for female clients?

Give us a call to make an appointment. When it comes to services for female clients advance reservation is compulsory.

Q6: Are the descriptions of the girls real?

Are the descriptions in your portfolio genuine? The girl you choose is the girl you meet. Unlike some less than reputable agencies, we don’t send a different girl and hoping you don’t notice.

Q7: How much notice do the girls usually need?

Advance notice for a booking is always preferred. This is so that we can arrange the girl of your choice and also ensure that she will be ready to meet you. Booking carried out on the same day always carry the risk that your first or even second choice girl will not be available.

Q8: Can I make a special request?

Absolutely! If you’d like your sexy girl to wear something special, or if you have any other special request, just ask – we will always try and be as accommodating as possible.

Q9: What payment methods do the girls accept?

Our girls will only accept payment in cash or credit cards. This should be given to your companion within the first ten minutes of the booking. *Note: There will be surcharge using card payment.

Q10: Are the prices on your site negotiable?

In a word, no, they aren’t.

Q11: How can I find out more information about the escort I select?

Visit our Portfolio page or contact us and we can provide you with the information you need.

Q12: Can I cancel the date with the Malaysia City Girl if I find that she doesn’t suit my taste?

Yes, that is possible. For whatever reason, you don’t wish to continue with the date, you must pay a cancellation fee within the first 10 minutes after meeting. A cancellation fee also applies, if you cancel a booking when the escort is in a taxi traveling to you.